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The Art of Falling in Love with France

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The allure of France is as storied as its history, and the allure of French travel is as magical today as it has been for centuries. From its sophisticated, iconic cities to its pristine, idyllic countryside, France offers endless cultural delights to the multitudes of travelers who have made the country the most visited in the world.

Unfortunately, many fail to experience the real France. They settle for hollow exploration of the same sights suggested by every guidebook or for mass-marketed vacation packages and commercialized “experiences”. Travelers are often robbed of what they truly seek: authenticity.


From the clock tower — Lourmarin


Spectator of bullfights during Feria de Nimes — Nimes

At Band of Light, we do French travel differently. We focus on getting to know the French people rather than just offering the experiences you’re “supposed” to have. Our team of art historians and photography mentors design immersive and intellectually stimulating photography tours featuring handpicked itineraries and activities of cultural and historical importance that help you explore in-depth the France locals love but few travelers ever experience.


Public exhibition of photographs from the Paris Rebellion of May, 1968 — Paris


Students at Parc de la Villette — Paris

How do we do it? We are long-time locals working tirelessly to keep our experiences fresh, unique and different from what you’d otherwise find online, in guidebooks or from other tour companies. We open your eyes to the “real” France with in-the-know access to your sought-after sights and experiences, all off the tourist radar.

Whether traveling privately or in a group (limited to eight people), our intimate, personalized tours avoid the “Rick Steves effect” – the tragedy of turning the authentic into the touristed.


Along the shore — Marseilles


Flamingo of the Rhône Delta — Camargue

What makes a Band of Light holiday one of the most rewarding travel experiences you’ll have is our focus on becoming cultural explorers “through the lens”. What do we mean? Call to mind the last time you flipped through a magazine or newspaper and came across an image that stopped you in your tracks. That image told a story, instantly communicating a sense of people, place and culture, and likely created within you a desire to know (or to do) more. If that photo could inspire you as a viewer, can you imagine what it meant to the photographer?


Miroir d’eau des quais (reflecting pool) during the fog — Bordeaux


Flamenco dancers during Feria de Nimes — Nimes

Rather than functioning as a barrier, as many assume, your camera and the images you create can serve as a profound tether to the experiences unfolding before you. This thoughtful and intentional approach to travel photography and cultural exploration is a skill that can be learned. We will show you how to become a storyteller, creating compelling works of art that you will want to return to again and again.  Even if you have been to France before, a Band of Light photo holiday will be an enlightening experience that will benefit you for a lifetime.


Notre-Dame de la Garde from the MuCEM — Marseille

To learn more or to plan your dream photography holiday, visit us online at www.thebandoflight.com or call us at 1-888-708-3585.



Jerroid Marks is founder of Band of Light, photographer and world traveler.



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