Paris Photography Tour

7 days, 6 nights 

Paris. Giverny. L’Isle-Adam. Barbizon.

Captivating + Inspiring. Chic + Old World. Fine Culture + Fashion. Cuisine + Art. Striking Sophistication + Brilliant Style. Avant-Garde Yet Rich with Architecture Steeped in History.

That indescribable GLOW.

When you embark on your Ile-de-France journey, you’ll experience an unforgettable week where you’ll see your skills transform from those of a garden-variety photographer into a master of creating vision and voice from behind the lens. You’ll explore hidden France—the magical, off-the-beaten-path authentic France that’s loved by locals with private tour guides who are steeped in all that makes France special. When you finally say farewell, you’ll be leaving with the solid foundation of the technical and artistic photography principles that you can leverage to create any vision or voice you desire—now and into your future.

Your tour includes:
  • Our Team of Experts. 20 years unparalleled mentoring + 30 years of uncommon local expertise.
  • Private Local Guides. Traveling with Band of Light, you are a cultural explorer. Not a tourist.
  • Alcoholic Beverages. Esteemed French wines.
  • Luxury Accommodations. One home base. No hotel hopping.
  • Chauffeured Transportation. Explore France in a chauffeured mini bus.
  • Fine Cuisine. A delightful mix of Michelin-starred restaurants and charming bistros the locals love.
  • Taxes and Tips. You’ll only pull out your wallet to pay for souvenirs.
  • Small Group Sizes. Personalized attention. Exceptional customer service.
What you’ll experience:
  • Learn to think of your photography as an artistic process, not a mathematical equation.
  • Infuse your voice, evoke your desired emotion and inspire your audience.
  • Handle your camera like a pro to produce flawless images that match your unique vision.
  • Harness the gift of light—anytime, anywhere.
  • Transform your images into fine art using Photoshop.
  • Season your artist abilities as you steep in authentic French culture.
  • Craft the perfect composition (by breaking a few rules).
  • Gain unstoppable confidence behind the lens.

An Evening in Paris

Meals Included: Your Welcome Dinner

After you step off your train at the Gare du Nord train station you will be chauffeured to your charming hotel in the heart of the city which will act as your “home base” throughout your travels with Band of Light. (Our travel specialists will arrange private transportation from the airport to the train station.)

After you take a deep breath, relax and rejuvenate, you’ll gather with your intimate group of 8 or fewer and your instructors at 6:30 p.m. for cocktails and refreshments. You’ll be escorted to dinner where you’ll enjoy your choice of mouth-watering local cuisine and a full overview of all of the exciting adventures you’ll experience this week.

Giving Voice to Paris

Meals Included: Breakfast and Lunch

Why Photographers Love Capturing the Essence of Paris: There’s no disputing that Paris is one of the most enchanting cities on earth. Around every corner you’ll find something inspiring to photograph. From walking the Seine and climbing the Notre Dame Cathedral, to sitting on a park bench with a coffee and a view of the Eiffel Tower, the French capital is full of wonder and beauty.

When you’re traveling with Band of Light, you’ll have ample opportunities to discover the hidden treasures and magical areas of Paris—untouched by huge groups of tourists—and see authentic Paris, where the locals hang out today and where artists throughout history found their inspiration.

Freshening Up Camera Operations and Finding Your Unique Voice and Vision

You’ll wake up to the bustling city of Paris, enjoy breakfast, and begin your day by reviewing best practices for professional camera operation.

Next you’ll learn how to discover (or refresh) your voice and vision by tuning into the sights and feelings that surround you, so that you can react behind the lens with genuine emotion.

After you indulge in a delicious lunch, you’ll be guided around the City of Light and given ample time to uncover her most photogenic scenes. Your small group will explore Paris, allowing you to infuse your vision and voice into the photos you capture and understand how to fine-tune your approach.

Becoming One With Paris

Meals Included: Breakfast and Lunch

Pushing Boundaries and Stepping Outside Yourself

After a delicious breakfast, you’ll discover how to react with spontaneity and capture whatever catches your eye while you explore the finer details that give Paris that indefinable Je ne sais quoi. You’ll learn how to react immediately and with purpose the moment you begin to feel inspired, allowing you to unleash your expression without interrupting your artistic vision or reacting with interpretation – the teachable trait that transforms good photographers into inspiring artists.

Giving Life to the Monet’s Giverny

Meals Included: Breakfast and Lunch

Why Photographers Love Giverny: Giverny is a magical little village that sits just west of Paris and was made famous by painter Claude Monet calling it home. In 1883, Monet fell in love with the beauty of this area through a train window; and now you’ll have the chance to do the same through the viewfinder of your camera. Giverny is a fantastic location to photograph landscapes, gardens and nature in its purist form.

Improving Your Technique and Developing Your Unique Point of View

Now that you’re following your artistic intuition and naturally reacting to inspiration, it’s time to refine your technique.

Today you’ll discover how to ensure your photographs are accurate reflections of your vision by embarking on an inspiring journey to magical Giverny.

Before the day is out you’ll have learned the fundamentals for creating strong compositions, you’ll understand how to think critically about point of view, how to create the perfect visual depth, when to leverage simplicity vs. intricacy, and you’ll learn the secrets to controlling light that put Band of Light on the map.

After you explore the mystery of Giverny, you’ll join everyone for dinner in Paris, followed by a critique of your photos from Reims.

Get ready to transform your snapshots into unique works of fine art when you explore the intricate details on how to use Photoshop to analyse your images, and create a dynamic workflow.

Gain Mastery of Your Art in L’Isle-Adam

Meals Included: Breakfast and Lunch

Why Photographers Love Capturing L’Isle-Adam: L’Isle-Adam is one of the most stunning towns in Ile-de-France. Situated 25 miles north of Paris, this spectacular village sits on the sandy banks of the meandering River Oise.

In addition to these beautiful stretches of beach, you’ll find a national forest, an interesting 19th century pagoda, Château De Stors built in 1748 by the Prince of Conti and an extraordinary town full of historic buildings. This magical region is also famous for having inspired the Impressionist movement.

Refining Your Creative Process

Over the next two days you’ll discover how to master the critical lessons you’ve learned, and further loosen your vision. You’ll expand your production possibilities with ease as you explore creative in-camera techniques, and understand how to get the image you’re hoping to express with the right blend. By the time the day is over, you’ll understand which technique to use when, and to what effect.

After a day of following your passion to create visions, you’ll dine in Marseille, and return to Aix for an advanced lesson on how to analyse your images, and create dynamic workflow with Photoshop.

Light Up Barbizon (or a Free Day to Explore Paris)

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Your Farewell Dinner

Why Photographers Flock to “The Light” in Barbizon: Known for its beautiful light and landscape, Barbizon is a picturesque town nestled on the western edge of the 62,000-acre Forest of Fontainebleau. A favorite of Impressionist painters and a group of landscape painters known as the Barbizon School, this charming village is an inspiration to artists of all kinds. Making its way through the region is a Painter’s Trail where you’ll discover historic landmarks, pristine nature and a village that retains its timeless allure.

Practice, Practice, Practice

You’ll eliminate any remaining uncertainties and ensure you’re completely comfortable with the best techniques to use to create your unique vision and voice. You’ll get a full overview of the critical concepts you’ve learned throughout this amazing week, and get plenty of opportunity to get answers to your questions.

You’ll spend most of your last day in Barbizon shooting, practicing, and perfecting your technique with the opportunity for one final evening critique as you indulge in your last dinner in the City of Lights.


Free Day – If you’re interested, now is the best time to take a free day for independent exploration in Paris, shopping at local markets and boutiques, visiting artisan galleries and museums or to simply relax at a sidewalk café. Remember to take your camera, unleash your creativity, and implement the practical and artistic techniques you’ve learned.

Memories That Last a Lifetime

Meals Included: Breakfast

Heading Home

You will depart your accommodations at 11 a.m. and be transported back to the Gare du Nord train station. From here, you can catch a train back to the Paris airport Charles de Gaulle, or wherever your heart desires to take you across France. Please let us know if you’d like us to arrange your transportation straight to the airport.

Our goal at Band of Light is to offer you an unforgettable week of studying photography and exploring off-the-beaten-path France that will continue to inspire you for years to come. When you say farewell, you’ll be leaving with a solid foundation of the technical and artistic photography principles that transform your garden-variety photographer into a master of the lens.



Set within an impressive mansion, Hotel Keppler is a truly unique Paris luxury hotel. Located between Champs Élysées and Arc de Triomphe, the hotel is within walking distance of high-end shopping and culture, including the Louvre.  Onsite amenities include a sauna, steam room, and fitness center.  The stylish and quiet rooms feature ensuite bathrooms with shower or bathtub, air conditioning and room service.


123 Sébastopol is a modern, refined 4-star hotel located 10 minutes on foot from the Centre Pompidou, Opéra and the Marais district.   The hotel is dedicated to the world of cinema, with each floor being dedicated to a famous actor. Each unique, custom-designed room features excellent sound-proofing, comfortable beds, satellite television and ensuite bathrooms with bathtub or shower.

Mouth-Watering Local Cuisine, Fine Wines,

Luxury Accommodations, Chauffeured Transportation

Plus Unparalleled Local Expertise and Expert Mentoring



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