Bordeaux Photography Tour

7 days, 6 nights 

Bordeaux, Arcachon Basin, Médoc Wine Region, Saint-Émilion

Eat well, drink even better as you explore the unparalleled beauty of this diverse and breathtaking locale.

Focusing your lens upon Bordeaux is like stepping into an ever-changing sphere of split-realities.

Look one direction and you’ll be greeted by the cracking Musée des Beaux-Arts frequented by piercing-laden spectators eating the hippest food-fusions, marks of this city’s final awakening to its Latin roots and hip-hop culture.

Dare to glance away? Prepare to drink in the historical remains of aristocracy that still linger along the grandiose 18th-century walkways.

No matter which sphere you prefer to capture, Bordeaux is guaranteed to inspire new voice and vision, as you implement the artistic and technical instruction you’ll learn from passionate trainers with more than 20 years of uncommon expertise.

Your tour includes:
  • Our Team of Experts. 20 years of unparalleled mentoring + 30 years of uncommon local expertise.
  • Private Local Guides. Traveling with Band of Light, you are a cultural explorer. Not a tourist.
  • Alcoholic Beverages. Esteemed French wines.
  • Luxury Accommodations. One home base. No hotel hopping.
  • Chauffeured Transportation. Explore France in a chauffeured mini bus.
  • Fine Cuisine. A delightful mix of Michelin-starred restaurants and charming bistros the locals love.
  • Taxes and Tips. You’ll only pull out your wallet to pay for souvenirs.
  • Small Group Sizes. Personalized attention. Exceptional customer service.
What you’ll experience:
  • Learn to think of your photography as an artistic process, not a mathematical equation.
  • Infuse your voice, evoke your desired emotion and inspire your audience.
  • Handle your camera like a pro to produce flawless images that match your unique vision.
  • Harness the gift of light—anytime, anywhere.
  • Transform your images into fine art using Photoshop.
  • Season your artist abilities as you steep in authentic French culture.
  • Craft the perfect composition (by breaking a few rules).
  • Gain unstoppable confidence behind the lens.

It All Began in Bordeaux

Meals Included: Your Welcome Dinner

After you step off your train at the Gare de Bordeaux-Saint-Jean train station you will be chauffeured to your charming hotel in the heart of the city that will act as your “home base” throughout your travels with Band of Light. (Our travel specialists will arrange private transportation from the airport to the train station.)

Before you gather with your intimate group of 8 or fewer and your instructors at 6:30 p.m. for cocktails and refreshments, you’ll have the chance to take a deep breath, relax and rejuvenate. You’ll be escorted to a welcome dinner where you’ll enjoy your choice of mouth-watering local cuisine and a full overview of all of the exciting adventures you’ll experience this week.

Unbelievable Bordeaux

Meals Included: Breakfast and Lunch

After breakfast, you will embark on the first leg of your journey, to the breathtaking Jardin Botanique, Bordeaux’s most beautiful green space.

Freshen Your Skills and Find Your Voice

Alongside the group, your mentors will make an initial assessment of your skill level, and explain how your first photography assignment will help you find your voice.

After our group enjoys a delicious lunch at a hidden local gem, we will stroll through Bordeaux’s center where the city’s rich architectural heritage awaits. On this walk you will be guided in the development of an outline for a body of work the creation of which will be your focus throughout the workshop.

At the end of the day you are welcome to explore the nightlife that fuels Bordeaux with members of our group or venture out on your own and locate cuisine that suits your unique palette.

Becoming One With Your Lens in Arcachon

Meals Included: Breakfast and Lunch

Why Photographers Long to Capture Arcachon Bay: Nowhere else in the world can you capture a diverse natural landscape of this magnitude. Arcachon Bay provides the perfect challenge to gain mastery over a unique combination of color, movement, and quality and direction of light.

Perfect Your Storytelling Composition and Perfect Your Exposure and Metering

Awaken and indulge in a delightful breakfast before your departure to the Aquitaine region of southwestern France, which offers a diverse natural landscape without equal. Chief among its jewels is Arcachon Bay, our destination for the day.

Before the end of the morning you will understand how to get the results you want by experimenting with a variety of techniques for capturing the direction and quality of the beautiful light that falls on the sweeping vistas of the Dune of Pyla, a geological wonder and the tallest sand dune in Europe.

After a lunch of fresh local oysters and seafood, we will visit the small fishing village of La Teste where we will delight in the colorful scenery as we practice our storytelling composition techniques. Before we leave Archachon Bay you will get an upclose view of “pinasse”, the typical wooden boats, and be challenged by the movement and brightness of the sea to perfect our exposure and metering.

As the light falls, we will head to the cliffs have a bit of fun capturing portraits while facing the natural light of the sunset.

Drinking in the Beauty of the Médoc Wine Tour

Meals Included: Breakfast and Lunch

Why You’ll Love to Shoot in Médoc: The land of Médoc, on the left bank of the Garonne River, is the door to one of the most famous wine regions in France and home to the “Great Castles” of wines where you’ll indulge in local tastings while you master capturing the reflection of these grand 18th-century structures as they ripple in the reflection of the lake, and overcome the challenge of capturing the mystery of wine cellars in low light and slower speeds.

A Perfect Blend of Photography and Fine Wines

In the morning, we will drive along the Garonne, through small villages and picturesque scenery until we reach the storied Château Margaux, producer of perhaps the most famous of the Bordeaux wines, where we will briefly discuss its history, discover how to capture its exceptional architecture and indulge in a tasting of the delicious wine.

You’ll soon face another opportunity to challenge your skill as we visit Château Cantenac-Brown, another architectural gem of the Médoc, and practice your macro photography skills as you learn about the fine art of wine making.

After a mouth-watering lunch at one of our favorite local gems, you will fine-tune your ability to capture the 18th-century architecture of Château Lalande as it playfully dances across the park and reflecting lake.

Your day will not be complete until you visit Château Gruaud-Larose, where you’ll get to indulge in your last tasting and a few other secrets we thought you shouldn’t live without. After your tasting you will learn how to refine your approach to capturing breathtaking panoramic photos from the castle’s tower, and learn the best low light and slow shutter speed techniques to use with a visit to the wine cellars.

Gain Mastery of Your Craft in Saint-Émilion

Meals Included: Breakfast and Lunch

Why Photographers Become Inspired in Saint-Émilion: You will experience rich inspiration for your photo stories as you walk around the narrow streets of this village and explore the local environment that is home to many daily events and local artisans who would love to tell you about the secrets of their trade. Muse is abundant as you stroll along the right bank of the Garonne River in the middle of the vines that grow some of the finest wines in the world.

Understanding the Artistic Differences Between Médoc and Saint-Émilion

After arriving in Saint-Émilion you will enjoy a pairing of local artisan delights and the finest wines this region of France has to offer, allowing you to understand the fundamental and artistic differences between the wine production here, and what you experienced yesterday in Médoc.

Before the day is over you will possess the full suite of tools you need to capture the beautiful landscapes you’ll see along the Garonne and Dordogne.

Examining Your Vision of Bordeaux

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Your Farewell Dinner

After sampling more mouth-watering local cuisine for breakfast, you will be asked to focus a critical eye on the work you’ve created over the last four days, before selecting your best images for group discussion in the afternoon.

You will join your fellow photographers for lunch where we will have a group critique session allowing us to study your selected photos, provide helpful feedback, and answer any questions you may have about how to improve your works.

Upon returning to your room you will have a few moments to relax before rejoining the group for a mouth-watering farewell dinner.

Taking Bordeaux with You for a Lifetime

Meals Included: Breakfast

Heading Home

You will enjoy a relaxing morning before departing your charming hotel at 11 a.m., and journeying back to Gare de Bordeaux-Saint-Jean. From there, you can catch a train back to the Paris Charles de Gaulle or wherever your journeys through France take you next. Let us know if you would like us to arrange transportation directly to your airport.



This 5-star hotel is located within walking distance of the historic centre of Bordeaux and features an urban-chic décor.  All rooms are sound-proofed and feature luxury amenities, ensuite bathrooms, Wi-Fi access and a Nespresso coffee machine.  The gastronomic restaurant, La Table de Burdigala, serves gourmet meals and has a wine cellar. The Bacchus bar offers a fine selection of whiskey, Armagnac as well as great growth wines.


A modern, trendy 4-star hotel located in the heart of Bordeaux on the banks of the Garone River and facing the Jacques Chaban Delmas Bridge, Hotel Seeko’o offers spacious suites featuring Wi-Fi access, flat-screen TVs, independent audio systems with iPod connection and panoramic views of the city.  Guests also benefit from free access to the onsite sauna and hammam.

Mouth-Watering Local Cuisine, Fine Wines,

Luxury Accommodations, Chauffeured Transportation

Plus Unparalleled Local Expertise and Expert Mentoring



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