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As photographers, we live in a near constant state of heightened observation and sensitivity to our surroundings that causes us to experience the world deeply. The camera becomes a tether, connecting us in a profound way to our environment and enabling expansive, uniquely engaging experiences, rather than functioning as a barrier, as many assume.

For example, experienced photographers notice meaningful details that others miss (or dismiss), find beauty in unlikely places, sense the subtlest shifts in mood and can often determine a subjects’ intent before action is taken. We continually, consciously develop these skills so that our storytelling becomes richer and more compelling, knowing that a well-crafted, purposeful photograph has the power to inspire, motivate, educate and enrich both ourselves and our viewers. Teaching these skills is at the core of what Band of Light offers.  

I chose to base our experiential photography programs in France because, frankly, France has It.

What is “It?”  Je ne sais quoi.

It’s an indefinable quality in the air, in the light, and, of course, in the people.  I could list the many wonderful facets of French culture:  the art, the architecture, the food, the fashion, the history, the poetry, the romance.  But what is all that? Just a list.

French culture defies definition.  The unspeakable “feeling of France” can be experienced, but it cannot be pinned down precisely. If you must define it, however, do so in a quintessentially French way: make art.  Photograph.  As you begin your journey of inspiration with Band of Light, creating your first few images, you too will become a part of the great French experiment.  As you capture each location, each location will capture you.

And you’ll feel It, too.

– Jerroid Marks, Founder

The Band Of Light Team


Jerroid Marks


Jerroid, founder of Band of Light, is a hunter-gatherer of natural light and honest moments.

An accomplished photographer and instructor, he considers himself a simple man whose greatest passions in life are photography, France and spending time with his loved ones.

Born in the United States, Jerroid now calls France home. He feels fortunate to continually have the opportunity to travel, instruct, photograph and collaborate with the awesome Band of Light team and its guests.

Jerroid doesn’t photograph subjects; he photographs the way a subject makes him feel. His photography exemplifies his emotional approach to the craft, revealing a genuine and sincere voice. Jerroid wrestles with the art he makes, assuming perfection is possible and attempting to wring it out of every image.

Jerroid is obsessive about detailed, quality service and will ensure that your holiday is executed flawlessly.  He is always available to answer any questions you have about journeying with Band of Light.


Maria Rihte

Paris Guide

Before embarking on world travel with her family, Maria Rihte studied fine art, art history and industrial design at Aalto University School of Art and design in Helsinki, Finland. Since that time, she has lived in seven countries: Finland, Canada, USA, Poland, Slovenia, Germany and France.

Maria wrote a novel about the artist’s life in Canada before arriving in Paris in 2009. As she drove through the beautiful fields of Champagne towards Paris, she felt she had finally arrived home – it was love at first sight. Maria says, “Paris is absolutely the most wonderful city in the world. It is a city full of art, history, architecture, fashion, food, cheese and wine – not to mention the pastries and French baguette. Paris never stays still – there is always something new to discover, something new to see and new to learn.”

Maria is currently writing a new book, which has taken her everywhere in the city – she’s discovered all of Paris’ fine museums, cafes, boutiques, cooking schools and operas. As your Parisian guide, Maria is excited to show what it’s like to be a local in Paris, to share her knowledge of the famous monuments, French history and French art. Bienvenue à Paris!


David Helman

Paris & Bordeaux Photography Instructor

A true native of Paris, David Helman will be your instructor for photo tours through Ile-de-France and the City of Lights.

Born and raised in Paris, David moved to Sau Paulo, Brazil in 1999 to begin his photography career. For the next ten years, David remained in South America shooting for Brazilian magazines, and after signing with the Corbis-Sygma agency in 2004, he returned to France.

In 2006, David joined the World Picture News agency and his photographic essay “Cowboy Festival of Barretos” was featured throughout Brazil. This same essay was published in 2009 in a book compiling 10 years of French exhibits in Brazil. David also signed with ZUMA in 2009.

Today, David continues to work on commissioned projects and operates ACT’IMAGE, an association facilitating training and cultural activities in France. He will also be your key to accessing authentic Paris. With David leading the way, you’ll have the great pleasure of exploring this famed area with a local and well-versed photographer.


Alain Dussarrat

Paris & Bordeaux Photography Instructor

Alain Dussarrat’s prolific professional career began in 1990, when he began photographing the French rock and jazz scenes. A few years later, his talent and reputation brought him to Paris to work on high-profile assignments for clients like Elle and Paris-Match magazines, the Partnairs and Métropolitan modeling agencies and the PR firms of Guy Lacroix, Guerlain/Shalimar and Janine Robin.

In time, Alain realized his dream of opening his own successful studio, IMAG’IN, where he and his team specialized in studio and publicity photography.

Alain has always greatly enjoyed sharing his knowledge and passion for his art with photographers of all skill levels. He currently teaches photography and, along with David Helman, is a partner in ACT’IMAGE, an organization committed to promoting photography education in France.

An expert in several styles of photography, Alain is particularly skilled at classical portraiture, capturing movement, honesty and beautifully lit images of his subjects and of their genuine and subtle interactions with others.

Alain deeply loves his country and is certain you will find France greatly inspiring. As your Parisian photography instructor, he is committed to creating an unforgettable experience, demystifying challenging techniques and helping you connect with your artist inside.


Francois-Xavier Prevot

Provence Photography Instructor

Returning one day from a completely life-changing trip to the dunes of the Sahara, François-Xavier decided at the age of 41 to leave it all behind to travel the world and share his experiences through words and pictures. Becoming by force of circumstance a trekker and photographer, poet and politically engaged journalist, and an actor, he has since travelled thousands of kilometres to celebrate light and the beauty of wide-open spaces and their peoples.

Now, we’re fortunate to have Francois-Xavier back in his home town of Marseille, sharing his passion for the visual adventure with Band of Light. François-Xavier will be your instructor during our photography tours of Provence.

The Band of Light Difference

A combined 20 years providing unparalleled mentoring
+ 30 years of uncommon local expertise means you’ll experience the journey of a lifetime
perfecting your craft in the unrivaled first-class luxury of authentic France

Band of Light offers a unique and memorable approach to luxury travel. On our exclusive photography holidays you’ll become a cultural explorer wielding a powerful storytelling device, not a tourist snapping away wildly and without purpose. When you journey with us you’ll experience a singular form of cultural immersion by learning how to develop a photographers sense of intentionality and relationship to the environment.  You’ll harness the power of your camera and hone your creative vision to tell stories that inspire, motivate, educate and enrich both yourself and your audience.

Each journey is flawlessly arranged to provide a worry-free experience. Our Band of Light travel specialists, incredible private guides, and expert mentors all combine on every itinerary. We work hard to get to know our clients and partner with them to design the ultimate, unforgettable itinerary and provide specialized photography instruction.

Between your rides through unspoiled France, the mouth-watering cuisine and wines the locals know well, relaxing in your luxury accommodations, and the joy of producing compelling stories in picture, we’re sure you’ll look back and remember your photography holiday as a first-class, even life-changing, experience.


Each member of our team was born in France or has explored the country for decades. For this reason, our vast knowledge of French destinations, history and culture is second to none.  In addition, we understand the needs of the discerning client and are able to think “outside of the box” when designing custom itineraries.  You are in our care for the finest experience possible; we take this responsibility very seriously. When you embark on our tours, you can be assured that we have been there and experienced exactly what you are interested in.

We promise to thrill you by day and spoil you by night. You will fall in love with the world again, just as it should be, and will return with unforgettable stories, having captured your most epic life moments while experiencing the France you can’t find in guidebooks or on traditional escorted tours.

The FRANCE only the FRENCH know.


Our mentoring philosophy emphasizes that developing technical skills is a means to a creative end, not a study in itself.  The authentic experience and the story it inspires must always be the goal.  With Band of Light, you’ll see your abilities grow through expert, one-on-one mentoring, learning to step beyond yourself into full engagement with your surroundings. By the end of your journey, you will have learned the skills necessary to continue experiencing new levels of cultural engagement wherever you should travel in the future.

When you create your custom-tailored dream photography holiday, you will be able to develop your skills in private exactly as you see fit. You may also join one of our exclusive group itineraries.  Unlike most companies whose “small group tours” mean 16 or more guests, ours are limited to 8 guests. This means you’ll receive far more one-on-one mentoring with Band of Light, along with easier access to locations, sites and restaurants that are typically off limits to larger groups.

No matter how you travel with us, the result will be a relaxed, informal atmosphere that makes it easy to get to know other guests, our guides and instructors. Because we won’t settle for anything less than the kind of memorable life-enhancing experience you deserve.


What our guests have to say:

20 Years Providing Unparalleled Mentoring
+ 30 Years of Uncommon Local Expertise Means
You'll Experience the Journey of a Lifetime Perfecting Your
Craft in the Unrivaled First-Class Luxury of Authentic France

Immersive Experiences, Mouth-Watering Local Cuisine, Fine Wines,

Luxury Accommodations, Worry-Free Transportation

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